What we do

Website Design

Web Hosting, Domains, CMS, SEO, Online Marketing.

In this digital age, website is an essential medium, and can become your strongest tool to enhance business. Weather it be to broadcast certain information or to sell your product online, your triumph over your competition depends on how your website is made.

We create fresh and engaging websites, with latest web standards. Unique yet extremely user friendly, we make them search engine friendly. We also make sure that we meet the prerequisites of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and hence get all our website verified by them. We work with Wordpress, Magento and Joomla and provide maintenance services with these web applications.

Designs for Print

Brochures, Posters, Illustrations, Logos.

Print has come a long way from papyrus and quills to computer aided graphical applications. Designing printed material involves understanding the client’s requirements and reproducing them on various mediums as required.

We design various creative collateral from brochures, posters, business cards to custom illustrations. Projects can range from one-color fliers to intricate four-color-plus brochures, complete with die-cuts, embossing and other techniques to grab attention.

Branding & Identities

Brand Design, Corporate Identity, Packaging.

When we design your identity or develop a brand, we question our clients, make investigations, research and try our best to understand their vision of their product. What we create then, has to work across an array of mediums and should have a level of consistency.

We create corporate identities and design everything from business cards to corporate brochures, sales catalogues, reports and newsletters. We develop brands and its packaging. We embed the essence of your organization in your product and help you be unique and relevant.

Interactive Multimedia

Promotional CDs/DVDs Authoring, Interactive VR Tours.

Hypermedia allows us to integrate audio, video, text and images together to create interactive experience. We custom design interactive CDs and DVDs to help our clients promote their business offline.

We create interactive marketing campaign, interactive promotional slideshows and videos, training DVDs and custom hypermedia authoring according to our clients requirements.